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The Bulleid Light Pacifics

Author: Gavin Morrison

Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing, Marketing Department, 4 Watling Drive, Hinkley LE10 3EY. Tel: 01455 233747

ISBN: 978-0860936213

Pages: 128

Illustrations: c290 monochrome

Date: July 2008

Cover: hardback with dust cover

Size: 273x215mm portrait

Price: £19.99

Index: none

It has been said before in these reviews that the 'Power' series varies considerably according to who wrote each volume - this is a good one! In the original series of the 1980s, Bulleid heavy and light Pacifics were lumped together in one volume, which was too much for the space available. Now they form two books of which the Merchant Navy volume was published last year and here is the second volume, by the same author, covering the light Pacifics. The book is one of the better ones because it provides reference information on each member of the class and includes pictures of each in numerical order. In most cases 2 or 3 pictures are included of each locomotive. There are additional chapters on locomotives under construction, in the works, on shed, at night, on specials and involved in the 1848 exchanges. Let us hope that Ian Allan can maintain this standard for future additions to the series.