Hornby Hawksworth Coaches

It seems to be a general opinion that the Hawksworth coaches are the finest modelled by Hornby and, therefore, comply with the company's policy that every new model shall be better than any that has gone before. The only criticism I am aware of is that, in the maroon models, the window curtains are too 'noticeable' and too regular. The argument has been that they were not so obvious on the real coaches and were often untidy. It has been pointed out that the curtains are less obvious on the more brightly coloured crimson and cream coaches.

Hornby have modelled five types: a full passenger brake, corridor 3rd, brake 3rd, composite and a brake composite. Illustrated here are ten of the early releases which are:

maroon passenger full brake W322W (R4409)

H Hawksworth Full Passenger Brake BR maroon .JPG (38806 bytes)

maroon corridor all-3rd W1717W (R4410)

H Hawksworth All 3rd BR maroon .JPG (42325 bytes)

maroon brake 3rd W2246W (R4411)

H Hawksworth Brake 3rd BR maroon .JPG (41291 bytes)

maroon composite W7799W (R4412)

H Hawksworth Comp BR maroon .JPG (42346 bytes)

maroon brake composite W7849W (R4413

H Hawksworth Brake Comp BR maroon .JPG (42136 bytes)

carmine & cream passenger full brake W298W (R4404)

H Hawksworth Full Brake BR B&C .JPG (39649 bytes)

carmine & cream all-3rd W782W (R4405)

H Hawksworth All-3rd BR B&C .JPG (44772 bytes)

carmine & cream brake 3rd W1773W (R4406)

H Hawksworth  Brake 3rd BR B&C .JPG (42980 bytes)

carmine & cream composite W7821W (R4407)

H Hawksworth Composite BR B&C .JPG (43692 bytes)

carmine & cream brake composite W7839W (R4408)

H Hawksworth Brake Composite BR B&C .JPG (43857 bytes)

All are in BR liveries as it is thought that, although designed by Hawksworth for the Great Western Railway, they were actually built after Nationalisation. There is evidence of some having been painted in a GWR livery, but this may have been solely for photographic purpose. However, such was the disappointment expressed by many modellers, on realisation of this, that Hornby have agreed to do a batch in GWR chocolate and cream in 2011 and are also to produce a sixth type - an all 1st class.