If anyone was shaken by the story last month of poor trading by Hornby - have no fear, it will not affect the development plans that Hornby have in mind.  True, Hornby did not make the profits planned for with the Olympics but I understand that they covered their costs.  More serious have been the poor deliveries from Sanda Kan, which particularly hit Hornby’s overseas brands.  We are assured that Hornby are taking steps to broaden their production sources in China in order to overcome the problem in the future.  And, no, they are not moving production away from China, as one rumour suggests. 

A further good point is that Hornby have listened to what their customers have been saying about rising prices and have gone back to the drawing board to look at ways they can redesign models to reduce the cost of production, while maintaining the good looks of new models and, above all, maintain the high level of performance the public expect.

Hornby, as usual, have also been listening to what people have been saying that they want, including the results of the MREmag/RMweb Wishlist Poll, and this is reflected in the following production plan for 2013.  Contrary to some opinions stressed, there is to be no reduction in development next year.  Indeed, we are to have 4 more steam locomotives from new tooling, another diesel and a Southern Electric EMU.  There are to be retooled Mk1 coaches, 3 brand new wagons and significant advances in the development of the Hornby RailMaster control system - oh! and plenty more Skaledale buildings.  Judging by the number of pre-production samples I was shown, some of the new models should be in the shops in the not too distant future.

Steam Locomotives

Models from new tooling will be:

BR 2-6-4 Class 8P Duke of Gloucester (R3191)

This will not use any existing tooling but will be tooled from scratch.  It has a 3-pole flywheel motor, glazing, etched nameplates and will be ‘DCC ready’. By providing some of the detail in a bag-o-bits, Hornby have got the price down to under £120.  A hurriedly painted sample was amongst the pre-production models brought up to Scarborough to show me and, as expected, the detail is good.  It is being developed with design economies, similar to those used when designing the model of Tornado, and it will also be available in a budget RailRoad version (R3168), which will sell for £82.99.  The models should be in the shops by the Summer.  They will be released as the preserved model currently is, but I understand that this does not preclude Hornby from tooling the original cylinders as well for earlier versions in the future.

LNER 4-8-2 Class P2 Cock O’ The North (R3207)

This will also be developed like Tornado with both detailed and less expensive versions.  In the future, other members of the class will involve modifications to the tooling and Hornby do not rule out a streamlined version.  The model is expected late in the year and, in order to reduce the cost of the model, more of the detail will be provided separately for the purchaser to attach.  This has enabled Hornby to get the price down to £122.99 for the main range.  The model will be ‘DCC ready’ and have a 3-pole flywheel motor, glazing and etched nameplates.  The less expensive model in the RailRoad range, with reduced detail, will be priced £82.99.  I am glad I didn’t listen to all those people telling me that my most wanted loco was unlikely to be on anyone’s development list for some time.

GWR 4-6-0 40xx Class Lode Star (R3165)

This was suggested by the people at Steam, the railway museum in Swindon, and will be exclusive to them.  I was shown a decorated model and it could possibly be released as early as February. Also planned for general release are Knight of the Grand Cross (R3166) in GWR livery and Glastonbury Abbey (R3167) in early BR lined green livery. They will be ‘DCC ready’ and have a ready coupled tender.  The models will carry a price of £134.99.

GWR 4-6-0 ‘Hall’ Class Olton Hall (Hogwarts Castle)

The original ‘Hall’ tooling was altered to produce the ‘Saint’ Class model in 1988 and this was last listed 15 years ago.  The ‘Hall’ is to return as a completely retooled model.  This has been spurred on by the need for a more accurate model to sell in connection with the Harry Potter Experience.  As Hornby hold the licence in the UK to produce 00 scale Harry Potter models, it was decide to completely retool the Tri-ang Hornby model of a GWR ‘Hall’ and base one on the real locomotive Olton Hall, in its current livery (R3169).  This is to be priced £82.99 and, for the same price, there will be another ‘Hall’ in the RailRoad range which will be Adderley Hall (R3170).  Also to be produced in the main model range, with extra detail, in BR livery, will be Rood Ashton Hall (R3206).  This will have a £122.99 price tag.  The models will be ‘DCC ready’, have 3-pole flywheel motor, glazing, etched nameplates and will be available before the end of the year.

Also planned (some carried over from 2012) are:

4-6-0 68xx Class Paviland Grange in late BR green livery (R3019).
4-6-0 68xx Class Bucklebury Grange in late BR livery (R3209) - from concessions only.
4-6-0 ‘Castle’ Class Wellington Castle in GWR livery (R3105).
2-8-0 28xx Class 2807 in preserved GWR livery (R3106).
2-8-0 28xx Class 2811 in GWR livery (R3210).

0-4-4T M7 Class 30055 in late BR lined black livery (R3159) NRM model.
0-4-4T M7 Class 245 in LSWR green livery (R3204) NRM special edition.
4-4-0 T9 Class 30313 in late BR lined black (R3107).
4-4-0 ‘Schools’ Class Epsom in early BR lined black livery (R3194).
4-4-0 ‘Schools’ Class Brighton in early BR black royal train duties livery (R3208) - from concessions only.
4-4-0 ‘Schools’ Class (RailRoad) Cheltenham in SR malachite green livery as preserved (R3172).
4-6-0 ‘King Arthur’ Class Sir Sagramore in SR olive green (R3010).
4-6-2 WC Class Braunton in late BR livery (R3160XS) with sound.
4-6-2 WC Class Okehampton in late BR livery (R3203).

4-6-2 ‘Princess Coronation’ Class City of Liverpool in early BR green (R3195).

0-6-2T N2 Class 1744 in GNR green preserved livery (R3187).
0-6-2T N2 Class 69589 in late BR lined black livery (R3188).
2-6-4T L1 Class 9003 in LNER green livery (R3189).
2-6-4T L1 Class 67777 in early BR lined black livery (R3190).
4-6-0 B1 Class 61270 in late BR lined black livery (R3114).
4-6-0 B17/1 Class Serlby Hall in weathered early BR green livery (R3004).
4-6-0 B17/3 Class Barnsley in late BR green livery (R3003).
4-6-2 A1 Class Tornado in BR Express Blue livery (R3206).
4-6-2 A3 Class 60103 Flying Scotsman in heavily weathered BR late livery (R3202) NRM special edition/50th Anniversary of private ownership.
4-6-2 A4 Class Mallard (RailRoad) in pre-war LNER blue 75th Anniversary (R3173) - from consessions only.

4-6-2 A4 Class Mallard in LNER blue as preserved at the NRM (R3196).
4-6-2 A4 Class Dominion of Canada in LNER blue as preserved in Canada (R3197).
4-6-2 A4 Class Union of South Africa in late BR livery as preserved (R3198).
4-6-2 A4 Class Bittern in LNER blue as preserved (R3199).
4-6-2 A4 Class Dwight D Eisenhower in late BR green as preserved in the USA (R3200).
4-6-2 A4 Class Sir Nigel Gresley in BR Express Blue livery as preserved (R3201).
(The above six models are to be released in the 2nd quarter in readiness for the great gathering of the six locomotives at the NRM in July next year.  Only 500 of each model will be made.)

Diesel & Electric

The following are from new tooling:

Sentinel 4wDM Shunter

This is from new tooling and is an industrial locomotive not normally seen on the national network, however, many will be found on heritage railways.  The models are detailed in the cabs as well as outside and come DCC fitted.  They are designed to run realistically at very slow speeds and will be available in the 2nd quarter, priced £55.99.  The general release models will be in NRM blue (R3178), Cattewater in Esso Bitumen Plymouth red (R3179) and Tarmac green livery (R3180).

SR 2-BIL 2-car EMU

At last we have a Southern Railway EMU from pre-Nationalisation days and a finished sample in SR olive green livery (R3161) was shown to me - suggesting very early delivery.  This model demonstrates that the simplification in design now being used by Hornby still produces a well detailed and attractive 2-car model, but costing only £123.99 (which is £10 less than a Class 67 released this year).  A BR green version was also available to handle and this was in ready printed packaging (R3162).  Also to be available will be the model in BR green as preserved in the National Collection and on display at Shildon (R3177).  The models have detailed interiors and motors that run at realistically slow speeds.  As with most Hornby models, they are available either ‘DCC ready’ or ‘DCC fitted’.

Also planned (some carried over from 2012) are:

Class 08 08661 Europa in Railfreight Distribution grey (R3036XS) with sound.
Class 08 D3963 in BR green livery (R3037XS) with sound.
Class 31 D5657 in BR green livery as preserved (R3144A).
Class 56 56084 in BR large logo blue livery (R3181).
Class 66 66736 Wolverhampton Wanderers in GB Railfreight livery (R3182).
Class 67 67002 in Arriva blue livery (R3183).
Class 67 67026 Diamond Jubilee in DB Schenker silver livery (R3216) - Hornby Collector Club special.
Class 101 51192/53266 in Strathclyde PTE orange & black livery (R3047).
Class 153 52309 in Greater Anglia livery (R3214) - from commissions only.
Class 373 ‘Eurostar’ E300 4-car unit in new Eurostar livery (R3215).
Class 395 ‘Javelin’ Sir Chris Hoy in South Eastern Trains updated livery (R3185).
Class 5-BEL ‘Brighton Belle’ in 1960s umber & cream livery (R3184) - driving cars only in pack.

Sets & Packs

There are to be two new train sets:

1. ‘Flight of the Mallard’ - pre-war Mallard with 3 Gresley train set coaches.

2. ‘Breakdown Hauler’ - freelance 0-4-0T in CR livery with former Lima crane in red and grey LWB van.  This train set will be available from concessions only.

There are also to be the following train packs (no track or power unit):

1. ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’ - GWR 14xx, body of 4-wheel coach on a ‘Lowmac’ and ‘Toad’ brake van.

2. ‘Duke of Gloucester’ - Class 8P as preserved with 3 Mk1 coaches.
3. ‘Silver Jubilee’ (RailRoad) - Silver A4 with 3 LNER ‘Silver Jubilee’ coaches (silver ‘train set’ Staniers).


Models from new tooling will be:

Retooled Mk1s - The only newly tooled coaches this coming year will be three Mk1 coaches for use in train sets.  They will also to be sold solo in the RailRoad range and will be priced £19.99 each.  The old Mk1s date from the early 1960s (upgraded in 1996) and are long overdue for retooling.  The new models will replace a composite coach and a brake 3rd but add an all-3rd which has not existed in the Hornby Mk1 coach range before.  They will be available in the Autumn and Hornby see these as opening up new opportunities in the future.  The models will be:

Mk1 composite CK in maroon livery (R4350).
Mk1 composite CK in chocolate & cream livery (R4353).
Mk1 all-2nd class SK in maroon livery (R4351).
Mk1 all-2nd class SK in chocolate & cream livery (R4354).
Mk1 brake 2nd BSK in maroon livery (R4352).
Mk1 brake 2nd BSK in chocolate & cream livery (R4355).

New coach packs proposed in 2013 are:

1. Brighton Belle 1960s coach pack (R4582) - containing the three coaches to go with the R3184 driving cars  to make an authentic five car set.

2. LMS Coronation coach pack (R4588) - these are in non-authentic maroon and gold to meet requests by the public and will consist of 2 x 1st class and 1 x brake 3rd - from commissions only.

2. BR(SR) Push-Pull coach pack (R4534A/B) - here is another pair in BR green livery.

4. ‘Eurostar’ divisible coach pack (R4589) - this contains a pair of articulated coaches in the new Eurostar livery.

Other new solo coaches proposed in 2013 are:

LMS Stanier 12-wheel dining car maroon (R4095G).
BR(LMR) Stanier 12-wheel dining car carmine & cream (R4188C).
LNER Gresley non-gangwayed brake 3rd in teal livery (R4518A).
LNER Gresley teak sleeping car (R4174C).
BR(ER) Gresley mid-50s maroon brake composite (R4566).
BR(ER) Gresley mid-50s maroon 1st (R4567).
BR(ER) Gresley mid-50s maroon 3rd (R4568).
BR(ER) Gresley mid-50s maroon buffet car (R4569).
BR(ER) Gresley mid-50s maroon 1st sleeper (R4570).
BR(ER) Gresley non-gangwayed all-3rd in carmine livery (R4520A).
BR(ER) Gresley non-gangwayed composite in carmine livery (R4521A).
BR(ER) Gresley non-gangwayed brake 3rd in carmine livery (R4522A).
BR(ER) Thompson non-gangwayed composite in carmine livery (R4575A).
BR(ER) Thompson non-gangwayed all-3rd in carmine livery (R4576A).
BR(ER) Thompson non-gangwayed brake 3rd in carmine livery (R4577A).
BR(SR) bogie passenger brake van maroon (R4586).
BR(SR) bogie passenger brake van green (R4536B).
BR(Sc) bogie passenger brake van blue (R4585).
BR Mk2D open brake 2nd blue & grey (R4536).
BR Mk2D Inter-City open standard grey 2 versions (R4463B/C).
Ex-Virgin Mk3 weathered 1st red & black (R4543).
Ex-Virgin Mk3 weathered standard red & black (R4544).
Ex-Virgin Mk3 weathered brake red & black (R4546).
Ex-Virgin Mk3 weathered buffet red & black (R4545).
BR(WR) Mk3 1st blue & grey (R4444A).
BR(WR) Mk3 TGS blue & grey (R4446A).
FGW Mk3 open !st (R4369A).
FGW Mk3 open tourist two versions (R4370A/B).


Models from new tooling will be:

BR 12T Fish Van (Blue Spot)

Initially there will be two versions of the model as a fish van (R6638/A), a triple pack (R6624) and a model in parcels van livery (R6639) - that is 5 differently numbered models and the start of an authentic ECML fish train.  The models should be in the shops in the Autumn.  The solo models will be priced £16.49 and the triple pack £48.49.

GWR Shunter’s Truck

This is likely to be the first of the new wagons to be available as a painted model was available to inspect.  It will be available by the late Summer and retail at £13.49.  There will be two versions in GWR livery (R6642/A) and two versions in BR livery (R6643/A).

LMS Long Wheelbase Parcels Van

This model will be based on vans that arrived in the mid to late ‘30s and had doors in both the sides and the ends.  The latter were so that they could be end loaded with motor cars.  The models will be available towards the end of the year and initially four versions will be released - two in LMS livery (R6640/A) and two in BR livery (R6641/A).  They are expected to cost £18.99.

Other new wagons in 2013 will be:

4-plank ‘The Newmarket Co-op’ No.1 (R6579).
4-plank ‘Prestwich Tarmacadam’ 540 (R6577).
4-plank ‘Morcambe’ No.1 (R6581).
4-plank ‘The Fleetwood Industrial Co-operative Society’ No.2 (R6592).
5-plank ‘Edwin W Badland’ (R6588).
5-plank ‘Hopton-Wood Stone Firms’ No.2 (R6597).
6-plank ‘J Hackett & Co.’ 410 (R6595).
6-plank ‘Clay Cross’ 1101 (R6617).
7-plank ‘T Burnett & Co.’ 1904 (R6587).
7-plank ‘Pentwyn Black Vein Collieries Co.’ 494 (R6578).
7-plank ‘A&H Betts’ 45 (R6590).
8-plank ‘Foster & Co.’ 17 (R6601).
27T steel ‘Tippler’ ‘Stewarts & Lloyds’ Ingotmould (R6615).
27T steel ‘Tippler’ British Steel (R6616).
Large mineral wagon ‘Cambrian Wagon Works‘ 90019 (R6586).
Large mineral wagon ‘Hornby 2013’ red (R6644).
ZBA ‘Rudd’ ballast wagon weathered grey & yellow (R6620).
ZCV ‘Clam’ ballast wagon weathered grey & yellow (R6621).
ZFO ‘Trout’ hopper wagon weathered grey (R6622).
PGA hopper wagon weathered ‘Amy Roadstone’ (R6618).
Ex-GWR BR horse box carmine (R6623).
GWR ‘Mogo’ Van (R6625).
BR Railfreight standard brake van red & grey (R6613).
BR standard brake van red & white (R6614).
BR ‘Shark’ brake van in olive green (R6612).
Cowans Sheldon 75T rail crane in BR black livery (R6610).
Ex-GWR BR ‘Macaw’ bogie bolster wagon grey (R6619).


New buildings for 2013 are:

‘Wash ‘N Dry’ laundrette terrace shop (R9707).
‘Headingley Insurance Services’ modern 2-storey office block (R9709).
‘Fisherman’s Rest’ stone cottage (R9721).
Terrace shop for sale (R9714).
‘Blinkbonny House’ (R9728).
Modern terraced house (R9722).
Railway depot office (R9733).
Trackside steps for servicing coaches (R9727).
LMS signal box (R9725).
LMS water tower (R9726).
SR signal box (R9729).
Disused signal box (R9730).
Stone rail overbridge (R9732).
Hagley railway station (R9752).
Hagley station footbridge (R951).

I understand that Skaleautos is being phased out as it has served its purpose.  There is now plenty of choice in 00 scale autos provided by other companies.

Hornby RailMaster

RailMaster phone app.
RailMaster tablet app.

RailMaster smart phone apps are being launched this month.

Railmaster Voice Control - control your trains by just talking to them!

Touch screen operation
Screen colour scheme options.
1600 Hornby locos listed.
Unlimited number of locos on database
Up to 192 locos held on the screen.
192 groups of 192.
Scale speed opearation.
Programme & automated control.
Wireless hand-held control.
Better value for money system.
First class back-up support - even on Christmas Day!
CV locos and accessories programming.
Mimic track design.
Controls up to 500 points and 500 light signals.
Allows for two Elites.
Locomotive detection.

2013 Developments

Introducing e-link (R8312) - this provides an interface between your PC and the layout.  The combination can have allocated over 2000 points and accessories and a staggering 9999 locomotives.  It will read and write CVs on programming track, harness all the benefits of RailMaster control, Internet activation, voice control and smart enabled and is suitable for gauge/scales 0, 00, H0 and N.  The price is £84.99 and it is available early in the New Year.

Hornby are launching two train sets for people starting up with e-link interface.  These are hi tech sets.  All you need is a PC or laptop to get it running.

The sets are:

‘Western Master’ (R1173) priced £154.99. This has a single train and an oval of track with a siding.

‘The Majestic’ (R1172) priced £414.99.  This has a double track with siding and two trains.  One of the locomotives in this set is A3 60154 Bon Accord in BR Express Blue.


There are no plans to further develop this range of tinplate 0 gauge trains.

So there you have it.  This report lists only the new models coming in 2013.  In addition there will be many others in the catalogue which are still in stock from previous years.  You can now start drawing up your list of proposed purchases. 

May I take this opportunity to thank Phil for the excellent work he has done on MREmag to make it such a pleasure to read and to also wish that all MREmag readers have a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year - Pat.