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This is a very complex livery and a real challenge in 00 scale let alone for N gauge. The model marks the long awaited move into rail freight by Britain's most prominent road haulier, Eddie Stobart Ltd. The company's contract with Tesco Ltd was well publicised when it was launched in September 2006. Direct Rail Services (DRS) provide the rail link for Stobart who are contracted to move goods for Tesco and the locomotive hauls dedicated intermodal trains carrying products for sale in Tesco's stores. It runs daily, five days a week, between the Daventry International Railfeight Terminal and Grangemouth in Scotland.

The model carries the DRS logo on the bodyside behind the cab windows and the name 'Eddie the Engine' below the windows. Even the baffles, which can be fitted below the buffer beam if couplings are not required, are printed with hazard stripes. These come in a separate bag along with a set of cables and hoses for fitting to the front of the cabs. Instructions on the placing of these are not provided.