Bachmann will be announcing their 2013/14 programme on Sunday 10th March. All being well, I'll pick it up and have something for you in the Monday 11th MREmag. Absolutely no details will be revealed ahead of this date.

Which gives us all a couple of weeks to speculate on what might be in there. As I mentioned, I have no more idea than you but based on the idea that models I have stashed away in kit form will probably appear as RTR, here's my guess:

Deeley Dock tank. After all, the USA tank I still haven't built is available, so why not another one with waggly bits on the outside?

LNER Y6 tram. Almost definite. With 2 D&S kits and a Pocket Money Models kit in my possession, someone has got to try and thwart me. I'm building a 7mm model at the moment so at least I should beat Heljan and Dapol to that one.

APT. Not a kit this time but I do have a Hornby model that I always intended to detail.

LNER Quad-art. Yes, I have the Ian Kirk Kit. The twin-art is a lovely model which I'm quite pleased with so when I had a layout suitable for the train, I picked up the kit. I just haven't got around to building it yet.

Those are my guesses - how about you?