Model Railway Express eMagazine - Issue Two - February, 2017
The Second eMagazine Issue - 1st Febuary, 2017. As promised, here is Issue Two of Model Railway Express eMagazine. We hope you will notice some big changes and whilst we are sure there is still some room for improvement we hope you will like what you see in this issue. Issue Three will be out on 1st April (no fooling) so we are open for articles straightaway. Please see the notes in the magazine about how to submit them. Also, a further update on the new website. We had a few issues that came up during testing and have made a couple of small design changes. This has required some more testing to be carried out and therefore we will have to put the implementation back a little. This is disappointing but we are getting quite close to the release of the new web site, I recognise that it will be frustrating for you as well but be assured that the new site is coming and it will be worth the wait! To access the latest Model Railway Express eMagazine just click the link below!